Illus x Icbm : « Say Less » Video

« I just wanted to share a regular every afternoon with my son, » Illus says of the clip, « hanging out, and playing in the yard and garden, enjoying lemonade and ice-cream sandwiches. »

The video is a reflection of the song, which Illus says is about, « Recognizing the beauty in life despite any struggles. » He adds that it’s, « A celebration of recognizing how fortunate we are in a world where we should never take that for granted. »

With lines like « You can play the villain / I’d rather be the hero, » Illus is keeping it real for grown up hip-hop fans, as well as all the husbands and fathers of the world.

Check out the video, and hear Illus say more with « Say Less. »

« Say Less » can be found on Behind the Mask.

Illus also just released the follow up, titled Kaboom.




Le projet Behind the Mask est disponible en full streaming sur le site :
En attendant la sortie officielle le 2 septembre, vous pouvez  retrouver les 23 pistes entièrement produites par mes soins où le rappeur du Connecticut Illus applique son flow et son message positif aux côtés de guests de qualité tels que Blueprint, Apathy, RacecaR, Fleyo, Phashara, Craig G, Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx, Homeboy Sandman, Block McCloud, Brash, Headsnack, Paul Dateh, Reef The Lost Cauze, Roxxxteady et Venomous 2000.
Je vous fais tous confiance pour aimer, partager et surtout apprécier cet album.
Merci à Illus pour cette belle aventure !
Pré-commandez Behind the Mask en digital sur Itunes (deux titres en téléchargement immédiat) :
et en physique sur le store en ligne d’Illus :


Illus Icbm



Tu veux pré-commander une copie de BEHIND THE MASK? mon projet avec ILLUS…? C’est là que ca se passe!


tshirt behind the mask

Si tu préfères, y a du merch! Ici:

ILLUS – BEHIND THE MASK  …Coming soon!

« It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to update the blog so I will try and keep this short.

As many of you know I have been working on a brand new album called “The Final Chapter” with my good friend DJ Johnny Juice. The album is almost done but it’s taken me a little longer than I had anticipated.

While working on “The Final Chapter”, my good friend ICBM was also sending me beats and inspiring me to write even more. So the good news is, I have two new albums on the way. One entirely produced by DJ Johnny Juice, and one by ICBM called “Behind the Mask”. Here is the art for “Behind the Mask”.

Adam « ILLUS » Wallenta

Illus Icbm

ILLUS: Behind the Mask. Illustrated by Adam Wallenta.


ILLUS « Son of a Beat » featuring CHUUWEE

« Son of a Beat is a hard hitting, soulful track by two of Underground HipHop’s most talented emcees. Together, ILLUS and CHUUWEE, utilize the the mic to invoke the power of positive social change, and revolution for peace, equality and justice. The very essence of HipHop. »

Written and performed by ILLUS @AdamWallenta and CHUUWEE @ChuuweeTUS
Produced by ICBM
Co-Produced by DJ JOHNNY JUICE @johnnyjuice

New ILLUS album- « FAMILY FIRST » available on iTunes now(…) and everywhere music is sold!
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Video directed and edited by Lamont Belton for Belton Ideas.
Twitter @LBelton


ILLUS – Make Some Noize Remix

« Make Some Noize » was originally produced by J.J. Brown and released on the « For Adam » lp by ILLUS. This special remix was produced by ICBM and is featured on the limited edition « Who’s ILLUS? » vinyl 12 inch available at

Buy « For Adam » here-
You can download a digital version of this song from Bandcamp at
This video was Directed, Photographed and Edited by Nick Rocco Scalia.

Peter Lam

Twitter: @AdamWallenta
Rap Genius:


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